SES Sports Court Tiles

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Enlio Sports aims at the integration of  research, innovation, manufacturing, sales, installation, 

after-sales services and provide customers with an ultimate sports flooring solution in the filed of 

professional sports flooring.

  1. SES Basketball Court Tiles
  • Approved by FIBA.
  • Eco friendly, Homogeneous TPE raw material, softer than P.P. material with better Engergy Return.
  • Shock Absorption over 40%, can protect athletes from injury.
  • With the excellent sport performance of anti-slippery,great on ball rebound
  • All weather play, application temperature from -40-+60without changing the tile structure.

SES kindergarten court tiles

  • Environmental -- Food grade raw material,odorless,non-toxic
  • Safety -- Soft material can protect the kids from injury
  • Comfortable -- Offering much better foot feelings to the kids
  • Colorful-Vairous color with different color matching


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