2023 Teqball World Tour Qingdao Station

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The 2023 Teqball World Tour Qingdao Station recently took place, and the competition venue was equipped with Yinglio SES rubber elastic flooring. This flooring was specifically chosen to assist athletes from all over the world in delivering outstanding performances. The high-quality surface enables athletes to execute difficult technical moves with ease, resulting in a highly enjoyable competition that received nonstop applause and cheers from the spectators. Additionally, Yinglio SES rubber elastic flooring, along with Yinglio suspended assembled flooring, meets the venue requirements for table tennis. These flooring options offer rapid construction, ensuring that the temporary demands of events and activities are met. Moreover, they can be easily dismantled after the event without any negative impact on their secondary use. To enhance the playing experience of pickleball, the sport's unique characteristics were taken into consideration by incorporating the Olympic quality of SES rubber elastic flooring, making the game even more thrilling. Overall, the use of Yinglio SES rubber elastic flooring in the 2023 Teqball World Tour Qingdao Station has not only provided a top-notch venue for athletes to showcase their skills but also contributed to the overall success of the competition.


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