BWF Badminton Court Mat

Model No.: Y-23170S/ Y-23150S/ Y-43150S/Y-23148 S
Length Of Sheet: 15m STD
Total Thickness: 7.0mm, 5.5mm, 5.0mm
Color: Green/Blue


Width of Sheet:4 * 1.8m



Badminton Court



6 Years/ 8Years

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    • Commodity name: BWF Badminton Court Mat
    • Size:: Width of Sheet:4 * 1.8m
    • Usage:: Badminton Court
    • Warranty:: 6 Years/ 8Years

    Model No.: Y-23170S/ Y-23150S/ Y-43150S/Y-23148 S<br/> Length Of Sheet: 15m STD<br/> Total Thickness: 7.0mm, 5.5mm, 5.0mm<br/> Color: Green/Blue

    Enlio Crystal Sand Surface Badminton Mat is special for badminton competition. This serires of BWF Badminton Court Mat is widely used in various professional badminton competitions and approved by BWF. Compliance with standard of EN14904.The surface layer adopts E-SUR® treatment, which is extremely anti-fouling, wear-resisting and scratch resistant, line painting available, Excellent surface friction, rapid penetration of sweat, safety and anti-skid. High density foam structure ensures great shock absorption and safety guarantee for athletes.


    BWF Badminton Court Mat


    ★ Thickness: 7.0mm, Pro sand surface

    ★ Approved by BWF, badminton competitions use.

    ★ E-SUR surface treatment, provide better scratch resistant, wear resistant, stain resistant.

    ★ Pro Sand surface with excellent anti-slip performance.

    ★ Compliance with standard of EN14904.

    ★ Excellent shock absorption


    BWF Badminton Court MatBWF Badminton Court Mat

    The size of BWF Badminton Court Mat is customized available with perfect width and length without obvious joint marks.


    No obvious joint marks


    BWF Badminton Court Mat is certified by Badminton World Federation for world-class badminton competition. Our BWF Badminton Court Mat is also applied in national amateur badminton championship, amateur clubs badminton championship and etc.. With the top quality, our BWF badminton court mat get popular in worldwide. We look forward to build cooperation relationship with more global customers to provide high standard sports mat products. Contact us for further information you want now.


    BWF Badminton Court Mat


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