Chinese 3X3 Basketball League

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The China 3x3 Basketball League's 2024 season kicked off on May 15th in Beijing, marking the beginning of a new era for the competition. After three seasons of refining and honing their structure, the league introduced a new competition system based on regional matchups, injecting fresh excitement and energy into the tournament. As an official sponsor of the event, Enlio played a key role in supporting the league's evolution and growth, highlighting their commitment to the sport and its development in China. The collaboration between Enlio and the China 3x3 Basketball League signifies a shared vision for the future of the sport, one that promises innovation, competition, and a platform for emerging talent to shine. With the 2024 season underway, fans can expect thrilling games, fierce competition, and the continued rise of 3x3 basketball as a dynamic and popular sport in China.

basketball court

basketball court

basketball court


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