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The WTT Saudi Grand Slam concluded on May 11 with thrilling matches and impressive performances by the world's top players. In the women's singles final, Chen Meng emerged victorious by defeating Sun Yingsha with a score of 4-2, securing her second WTT Grand Slam singles championship following her win at the 2022 Singapore Grand Slam. Wang Chuqin also showcased his skills as he claimed the men's singles title by defeating the German player Francesca, adding to his victories in the mixed doubles and men's doubles events. The competition, held at King Abdullah Sports City in Saudi Arabia from May 4 to 11, provided a platform for elite athletes to showcase their talents on the eighth-level court, with the champion earning 2,000 world ranking points. enlio Sports floor played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the event, offering a high-quality playing surface for the competitors.Overall, the WTT Saudi Grand Slam was a monumental success, highlighting the exceptional talent and competitive spirit of the top players in the world of table tennis.



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